Hydroleo. Extend.

​Transformer Life.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Cleaning Effort Reduced 90%

Clean Much Less Frequently

Eliminate Leakage

Greatly Reduce Energy Costs

Increase Safety

Greatly Lower Risk of Failure

Cost Effective Bulk Pricing

Long Lasting Effectiveness
Hydroleo Seal bonds to glass, ceramics, and porcelain surfaces on a molecular level remaining effective and on the surface for years even in the harshest environments.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

 Hydroleo is easily applied taking just a few minutes simply wiping on in 1 step with no buffing needed.  Re-application is just as easy & actually improves performance.

Best in class...




Increase Surface Strength 25%

Abrasion Resistance

Longevity (3 -- 10 years)

Environmentally Safe

Preventive maintenance is critical in reducing the risk of a fault and prolonging transformer life.  Super Hydroleo Seal is an easy to apply, low cost, long lasting protective coating for use on new, used, and reconditioned bushings, capacitors, regulators, and resistors.

Benefits of Super Hydroleo Seal...

Super Hydroleo Seal is easily applied simply by pouring the environmentally safe coating onto an applicator glove and wiping onto the surface by hand.  No buffing, no buildup and it can be re-applied years later right over the previous application to self bond actually enhancing performance with each subsequent application.

Super Hydroleo Seal Benefits

Protects Bushings/Insulators

Hydroleo Seal repels water, oils, and ice.  These self cleaning properties greatly reduce contaminants & eliminate leakage while increasing surface strength by 25%.

Great Ease of Application

1 Step Easy Wipe on Apply

No Buffing Needed

Cures within Seconds

Re-apply Every Few Years By

Applying Over Previous Layer With No Need to Remove

Re-Application Improves Seal