Expert Sales Professionals

Quality manufacturer rep firms are comprised of highly talented  successful results driven professionals that enhance your brand and company image

Expedited Market Penetration
Successful manufacturer rep firms are active, established and well connected in your target market.  You benefit from instant market penetration & legitimacy

JG Sterling Group is an expert sales, marketing, and business development outsource firm.  If your company desires to launch a new product, enter a new market, expand business from existing products and customers, or simply improve your current sales production, JG Sterling Group provides the sales expertise you need.

Before hiring another in-house sales rep or manager, consider all that is involved with searching, recruiting, interviewing,  hiring, training, and managing  a new candidate for your sales team.  It takes a lot of time, money, and efforts to find the right sales professional. 

Now imagine how much it costs when you hire the wrong sales professional!

So why contract with a manufacturer rep firm?

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Reduce Employment Costs

​Contracting with any manufacturing rep firm usually means no costs for hiring, firing, medical/health insurance, employee benefits, paid vacation and sick days